NARCO NATION - Border States Distr.

California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas – Border Town siblings of the NARCO STATES – Half Mexican, Half American, dangerous. A Modern Day Wild West, Border Towns embody a culture of their own. You don't have to work hard to get what you want. You can be a vulture, a snake, or a coyote. It's dirty money but it's consistent work.

Life on the Border is governed by Bandidos who circle and scavenge like vultures and strike like rattlesnakes... protecting what they have with their lives. Everyone is prey. The Innocent are killed if they are in the way. Cartels are as hungry and thirsty as wild Boars in these rugged territories.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

America has turned a duplicitous eye to decades of drug use and abuse. Everyone knows how bad it is, but no one seems to care. Thousands of addicted souls are left numb and restless. Countless lives have been destroyed…all victims of an apathetic world. But if America is not provided with the drugs it wants, it will knock on other doors. So the Narcos continue to supply.

Ignacio's provocative and fresh Narco Nation collection embodies his thoughts, ideas, and life lived along these Border States. Through his detailed and meticulously crafted Giclées, he encapsulates the power struggle across the Narco States and their Border Towns, examining the complex relationship with Mexico and the shifting conflict among the Narcos themselves. Once again Ignacio demonstrates his consummate ability to artistically capture the nuances of complex social issues with raw acuity. His Narco Nation collection exposes and educates us as to the reality of America's War on Drugs.